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I am Madame Kyra, a mistress of passion with style and elegance

Pleasure in submission and control? Desires for leather, high heels, boots and other fetishes? I know what slaves and servants need because being a dominatrix is not a role for me, but my passion. As a passionate flogger, I maintain archconservative views and do not favour an anti authority upbringing. I am also a lady of refined, quiet tone. With my capacity for empathy I make you dependend on me and enter into your deep longings and hidden fantasies. Much is possible, but I am the Mistress.

I demean and humiliate you and find the right measures to take, just for you. I prefer the classical repertoire; the erotica of the foot, whipping and strap-on are only some of my specialities. My pleasure is to feel your passion, whether you are submissive or masochistic. Your devotion is my pleasure. Whether beginner or an experienced slave, it is never too late to come to me. And one thing more, my ‘work’ is my pleasure, and my pleasure is your reward. I strictly refuse sexual intimacies, medical games and hard sports. House and hotel visits are possible in Düsseldorf and in a surrounding area of 100 kilometres.

Since April 2021 I am Lady Citizen of the Womania Empire

DeLuxe Escort – or: Journey of Sensuality

Attracted by a totally different kind of encounter?
Then an exclusive escort could possibly be just right for you!
Do you think that you must put your deficient training into competent hands, but you find a professional studio too dark?
Do you urgently need corrective punishment, or training of the highest level,but a conventional dominatrix studio makes you anxious?
Do you have an official occasion but you are missing the corresponding, high-class accompaniment?

Then spoil yourself with the partnership of two ladies of the highest class in tandem. Madame Kyra und Lady Pascal: We incorporate the realisation of expressive femininity, extravagant and provocative, with stimulating erotica. Do you seek two power-loving dictators, two thorough-going bitches, two merciless mistresses?

Awaken your curiosity to a piquant game for three. Bizarre, perverse, and strict between two highly erotic ladies of extra class. If the way to Düsseldorf is too far, and Berlin is nearer to you, perhaps a visit to Lady Pascal is your personal, grandiose foretaste of a later menage a trois, because Lady Pascal and I love to subdue men like you.

All in the context of an escort somewhere in Germany or in our Studios. Wherever it may be, through ourrefined interplay we will lead you where you dream to go, not to let you go earlier than when we have slatedour pleasure on you. We place the greatest value on behaviour , clothing and the right tone, with which we are stylisticallyconfident. We appear in decent outfits for public life and place value on hygiene and cleanliness. We don’t want to bea turn-off!We enjoy the company of a gentleman with style and class.

Please consider at your booking, that we are mistresses and love unusual scenarios. So we do not offer any sort of normal agenda.



Monday to Friday from 12 AM- 08 PM

House and Hotelvisits

Düsseldorf and sourrounding area 100 km (65 miles)

Dominant Escort

Details see Escort


Fon: +49 172 – 34 24 733 (SMS will not be answered)

For short-term appointments, please contact me by phone

Monday to Friday from 12- 20 h

Please note that I’m only available in the times stated above.
Sometimes you can reach me on the weekend. Appointments for Saturday and Sunday can be made

Longing for severity and punishment? Live your most secret desires and summit yourself to a natural lady? My pleasure is to feel and hear your passion, because this is now also possible with me by telephone

Call me:

Telephone education is also still possible. For details please contact me by e-mail or give me a call.



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